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  • So Crispin Glover was in a 7/11 and didn't buy it. Been reading Carey's the Tax Inspector thinking it

  • Lemur on Me #incorrectlyconsideredtobemonkeycinema according to the two next to my #conferencecrushes Emma Ramsay but there are plennya spare chairs over

  • We talkin' bout strathmore. Guess I'll just have to make a decent dinner in under an hour #blahblahalexmay

What Does it Do?

Like I said before, Twitov creates a fully custom chat bot using your tweet history as its "brain". We use an algorithm created by a Russian scientist in the 1800s.

Who Is Responsible For This?

Phil Nelson made this over a week or so on a whim. You're welcome. If you really like it, send me a couple bucks.